Yoga with Chiara 8:37 pm

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Here is what some of my students have said about their classes with me…


The way she has explained me the postures, the flow of breathing and the techniques made me realise how to create balance and peace in all that concerns me.

She even managed to get me into crow pose on just my third class!

I highly recommend Chiara, especially if you are a beginner like me. Fun, electric, dedicated and inspiring – she has it all. “

-Parerna, Indian origins, retail professional


“Our yoga class with Chiara is OUR special moment, which we wait for all week, where we can finally dedicate some time just to ourselves.

Whether using strength or flexibility, we have realised that we both strive for a common goal. Feeling good in our bodies, and therefore with each other.

I [Barbara] used to suffer from chronic back and neck pain, which no gym, physiotherapist or personal trainer could fix. Until I met Chiara!

All my tension and pain disappeared after my first two yoga classes with her… I’m in such a better place right now, and I’ll never thank her enough for helping me!yoga students

-Barbara & Alessandro, happily married Italian couple


yoga student testimonial“I’m an intermediate yoga student and go to yoga to check out of the noise of life and check in to breathing, body focus and being present – turning off the chatter of my inner dialogue.

An excellent yoga teacher like Chiara helps me do just that, glide through a practice and instruct at just the level to feel you are flowing and not losing focus on breathe and movement.

These instructors are hard to come by and I hold on when I find them!

Chiara has well formed practice flows and makes sure they are suitable for beginner and the more advanced to ensure you are strengthening and improving. All with the right pace to do vinyasa flow gracefully. Thank you thank you for your excellent teaching style!”

-Laura, Canadian, mother and research professional

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