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Yoga with Chiara 12:06 pm What is Yoga? Unveiling 3 popular misconceptions

lotus yoga pose

When I tell people like my old-school dad that I practice yoga regularly, they often pull a face like “are you in a sect??” or “I didn’t know you were so spiritual”

People are scared of what they don’t know, of the Unknown, so they may dismiss it by thinking “it’s not for them”.

On the other hand, yoga … Continue reading

Yoga with Chiara 11:38 am 7 popular yoga styles you could practice right now

popular yoga styles

“What yoga styles should I practice?”

If you’re a beginner yogi like I have been, you’ll probably wonder: “how many yoga styles  are there? And which one should I choose??”

But most importantly: “Do I have to learn chanting in Sanskrit to do any of them??”

Well, wonder no more. I’ve compiled here a list of the 7 most popular … Continue reading