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Yoga with Chiara 12:35 pm How to heal your lower back pain with 6 simple yoga poses

lower back pain

One of the most common injuries my students often complain about is the dreaded LOWER BACK PAIN.

I myself have suffered from this for MANY YEARS before I started practicing yoga. I’ve had mild scoliosis since the age of 9, and a few years ago I discovered I had a herniated disc…

How? One day I felt something like … Continue reading

Yoga with Chiara 6:36 pm 5 benefits of (early) morning yoga

wake up for yoga!

“You’re not a morning person?”

“Do yo think you cannot wake up for morning yoga?”

Think twice, and discover why you may be wrong…

Now, I must admit, I’m not a morning person, let alone an early morning one. If I don’t have a particularly appealing reason for getting up earlier than necessary, I really won’t. So don’t ask me … Continue reading

Yoga with Chiara 11:38 am 7 popular yoga styles you could practice right now

popular yoga styles

“What yoga styles should I practice?”

If you’re a beginner yogi like I have been, you’ll probably wonder: “how many yoga styles  are there? And which one should I choose??”

But most importantly: “Do I have to learn chanting in Sanskrit to do any of them??”

Well, wonder no more. I’ve compiled here a list of the 7 most popular … Continue reading