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I regularly talk to lots of people, and every time they find out I’m a yoga teacher, they start saying things like:

"I’ve been considering yoga for months... but I can’t find the energy, I’m so tired after work"

"I'm not flexible enough... I can't even reach my toes!"

"Me? Naa... I would be a super beginner...! I don’t think I could ever get into any of those weird poses. And I’m not prepared to visit a yoga studio with all those pretty and super fit girls! I would just make a foul of myself..."

"I wish I had the time!"

...Sounds familiar? 

People decide to do yoga with me becuase they are Stressed. Tired. Stiff. They just want to “disconnect" from the world (and their problems, and their families) for an hour.

But by the end of their first session, they already look more relaxed. They smile. 

And as they come back for their next "dose", they tell me about how they’ve felt so much better recently. 

Well, that’s yoga baby! :)

In just a few sessions, I can see their practice evolving, their arms and legs becomig stronger, and it's amazing to witness how yoga transforms each and every one of my students, bit by bit.

...So, what if this could happened to YOU too?

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