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Yoga with Chiara 1:42 pm 10 simple tips to start practicing yoga

yoga with chiara start practicing yoga

Want to start practicing yoga?

Getting into something we don’t quite know or understand is never easy, but due to the increasing popularity of yoga classes, we might become curious, and maybe even give it a try.

So: how can you start practicing yoga?

1. Find a local studio

Look on the Internet for a place easy for you to … Continue reading

Yoga with Chiara 2:20 pm 15 original Yoga Gift Ideas for Christmas

yoga under the Christmas tree

Looking for original yoga gift ideas for Christmas?

Read on, this list might be just what you need! 🙂

I feel like only yesterday I was writing my 2017 New Year’s Resolutions… Who would have thought that the end of the year would be approaching so soon?

I can’t believe it’s already time to think about Christmas shopping!

So I … Continue reading

Yoga with Chiara 3:02 pm Essential oils: how to use them & why

Mr Fox essential oils Rescue KitPhoto Credit: Mr. Fox

“Chiara, what was that nice smell during Savasana…?”

That’s what a lot of students ask me at the end of my classes.

So I thought I’d dedicate this post to a little guide on how to use essential oils.

There are tons of benefits if you add them to your yoga practice. And even more if … Continue reading

Yoga with Chiara 5:54 pm An Easy Guide to the Meaning of Mantras

“I don’t like chanting during a yoga class!”

I used to say the same, till I learnt this…

what's the meaning of mantras?


A word or sound repeated to aid concentration in meditation.

A statement or slogan repeated frequently.

What is the meaning of mantras?

Until more recently, mantras were something kind of obscure to me. I wasn’t sure what they were for, and … Continue reading

Yoga with Chiara 5:00 pm Backpacking around Asia: 10 practical lessons I learnt last month

ferrying around the Thai islands

Ferrying around the Thai islands

As our ferry cruises towards our final Thai destination – Krabi, I think about what I’ve learnt from my first month of backpacking around Asia. I’m loving the Yogi Digital Nomad life, but if only I had known…!

There are a number of things that you’d better know before you set off for such … Continue reading

Yoga with Chiara 8:36 pm The complete packing list for the Travelling Yogi

The Travelling Yogi: the perfect Packing List

Are you a busy yogi that travels all the time?

Or maybe you’re planning the ultimate backpacking escape?

Unless you’re on a business trip, when you go travelling for more than your usual one-week vacation, you must think about what you’re putting in your luggage.

How many times will you have to put your bags on a plane, … Continue reading

Yoga with Chiara 12:35 pm How to heal your lower back pain with 6 simple yoga poses

lower back pain

One of the most common injuries my students often complain about is the dreaded LOWER BACK PAIN.

I myself have suffered from this for MANY YEARS before I started practicing yoga. I’ve had mild scoliosis since the age of 9, and a few years ago I discovered I had a herniated disc…

How? One day I felt something like … Continue reading

Yoga with Chiara 3:00 pm Why I paused my corporate career to go travelling

yoga with chiara - go travellingIf you happened to read my story in my About section, you’ll know that aside of yoga I’ve had an increasingly successful career in digital marketing and sales.

While this fulfilled me immensely for the first few exciting years, I more recently started to feel there was something missing, that the “glory” and the money coming from it were no … Continue reading

Yoga with Chiara 12:06 pm What is Yoga? Unveiling 3 popular misconceptions

lotus yoga pose

When I tell people like my old-school dad that I practice yoga regularly, they often pull a face like “are you in a sect??” or “I didn’t know you were so spiritual”

People are scared of what they don’t know, of the Unknown, so they may dismiss it by thinking “it’s not for them”.

On the other hand, yoga … Continue reading

Yoga with Chiara 6:36 pm 5 benefits of (early) morning yoga

wake up for yoga!

“You’re not a morning person?”

“Do yo think you cannot wake up for morning yoga?”

Think twice, and discover why you may be wrong…

Now, I must admit, I’m not a morning person, let alone an early morning one. If I don’t have a particularly appealing reason for getting up earlier than necessary, I really won’t. So don’t ask me … Continue reading

Yoga with Chiara 11:38 am 7 popular yoga styles you could practice right now

popular yoga styles

“What yoga styles should I practice?”

If you’re a beginner yogi like I have been, you’ll probably wonder: “how many yoga styles  are there? And which one should I choose??”

But most importantly: “Do I have to learn chanting in Sanskrit to do any of them??”

Well, wonder no more. I’ve compiled here a list of the 7 most popular … Continue reading

Yoga with Chiara 9:10 pm Why you don’t need to be flexible for yoga


Do you really need to be flexible for yoga?

How many times I’ve heard statements like these from friends:

“I can’t do yoga. I can’t even reach my toes!” 

“I’d like to try out yoga one day. But first I need to become stronger and more flexible. Give me some more time at the gym”.

But really, people are just … Continue reading