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Who is behind Yoga with Chiara exactly?

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You don’t like something? Then change it, you CAN.

This is my motto, in life and in yoga. I passionately teach easy yoga in Dubai, and I’d like to help you understand this discipline a bit better.

Nowadays, more and more people want to start yoga, or wonder what that is all about. Actually, this might even be the reason why you’re reading this blog! Or maybe, many of your friends share fancy poses on social media that you could only dream of. I feel I can almost hear you…

“I wouldn’t mind trying yoga once, but I really don’t feel ready to join a studio.”

“I’m far from fitting a size 0… I have zero hopes!”

“OMG, will I really need to stand on my head or chant OM for hours??”

“What the hell is SUP yoga?”

I’m not good enough. I’m just a beginner…”


Luckily for you, you’ve stumbled upon the right mat!

Sought after Mentor, RYT200 and RPYT yoga teacher, certified Prenatal and SUP Yoga Instructor, I will tell you a secret: everyone can do yoga! And so can you! Want proof…?

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The Secret

First of all, I am quiet busty and not the skinniest of all people. Plus, I’ve never been that flexible, and I have back problems that prevent me from doing certain movements. Nonetheless, I’ve been practicing regularly for a few years, and I even became a teacher!

So forget about all that nonsense, making you think that it’s too difficult, that you should be of a certain size and shape, etc. These are the facts: you only need to STOP for a few minutes, quit whatever you’re doing and thinking of, and take a little time for yourself. We always have such busy lives that we often forget about ourselves!

So stop there, and listen to your breath. Listen to your breath, and your body will tell you what you need. One day you may feel powerful and victorious. Another, you may feel weak and tired, and all you have to do is to stretch and breathe.

Remember this: Yoga is not about fancy poses or colorful leggings. It’s about connecting your body with your mind and soul.

“What does that mean??” you’ll ask.

Well, keep reading, or click here to instantly find out.


About Chiara

My name is Chiara Galli, and I can help you enter this fascinating and mysterious world of yoga. 

I grew up in Italy, started my corporate career in the UK, and I am currently learning the lessons of life, teaching yoga in Dubai.

Following studies in languages and communication, for the past ten years I have worked in the digital advertising industry in different markets, as a sales director and people manager. I support top organizations solve business problems and help out my clients, fundamentally making their lives easier.

I am also an active Ambassador for Krama Yoga in Phnom Penh, a Cambodian NGO supporting the victims and children of Khmer Rouge and providing yoga classes for other young Cambodians.

With a big passion for yoga, water sports and travels, I would like to put my humble experience and knowledge at your service. I can help you become more confident, on and off the mat, and live a generally happier, more balanced life.


So, what got me started?

I was born and bred Italian. I love food, warm weather and the sea.

The Unknown has always attracted me. I’ve always wanted to know more, learn more, be better.

After school I moved to the UK, where I spent the next 10 years learning a completely new way of living as a grown-up, away from the family, alone in making decisions and solving problems. It was an amazing learning curve, where I realised I could have a way in this life. A good one. So I never stopped.

I started travelling every time I could, on my own or with a partner, visiting amazing yoga with chiara dancer pose natarajasanaplaces and meeting wonderful people.

And so it happened. I fell in love with yoga during my first yoga and surfing retreat in Bali, and back in London I started practicing regularly. I felt in such a better place after each class, and this improved my life dramatically, on so many levels you cannot even imagine.

Back to my corporate job though, I locked away in a drawer the idea of getting more serious about yoga…

Fast forward a few years, I am now a fully qualified Prenatal and Vinyasa yoga teacher (you can read my post 7 popular styles you could practice right now, point 2, to learn more about Vinyasa Yoga) , while I continue to be a humble yoga student in Dubai.

Because remember: you never stop learning!

And when I’m not working with my clients in Dubai?  You will find me sitting cross-legged on my green yoga mat “Guido”, likely planning my next trip to discover a new part of this amazing world.


A proven approach to Listening

I’ve spent my career making communication the #1 tool to succeed. Listening to clients’ needs and creating a customised approach is the main reason why people want my help.

Clients, friends and relatives always ask me: “how do you do x?” or “what should I do now?”

I rarely have an answer like “do y and you’ll get z”. However, because I listen, and put myself in people’s shoes, I am somehow able to lead people onto the right path for them.

It might sound like I have a tendency to “over simplify” things. However people are super excited when I break down into small tasks what seemed to be huge problems!

May this be God’s gift or a self instructed skill, I’d be happy to share my “ability” with you, and show you how you can get where you want to be.

Yoga is just like life: you think you’re not good at it, that you’re missing something, that you’re too good or too bad to achieve something, but actually, you’re perfect just the way you are, and there is no reason why you should not be able to achieve a goal, let alone a yoga pose!


  • if you want to understand more about how yoga can improve your life
  • if you are a beginner yogi in Dubai
  • if you’re pregnant and want to ensure you practice safe yoga exercises for you and your baby
  • if you’re afraid to join a studio just yet
  • if you want to become more self-confident, in life and yoga
  • or even if you want to try  SUP yoga… (an amazing and funny experience by the way! Guaranteed!)

…then you’re in the right place, and I’d be super glad to meet you! 🙂


Where to go from here

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Ready to start? Then read this post I’ve written just for you: 10 tips to start practicing yoga, and click here to get in touch now, telling me what you’re struggling with, and where you’d like to improve. I’ll design a class just for you!

“What I ask you is your commitment to take action. Without action, I’ve only given you information. Without action, all you have is a dream in your head. Knowledge is not power. Knowledge is only potential power. Action is power.”   –Tony Robbins