10 simple tips to start practicing yoga

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By |August 8, 2016

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Want to start practicing yoga?

Getting into something we don’t quite know or understand is never easy, but due to the increasing popularity of yoga classes, we might become curious, and maybe even give it a try.

So: how can you start practicing yoga?

1. Find a local studio

Look on the Internet for a place easy for you to reach on your way to or from work. In case you end up liking yoga, it will be easier to commit to regular classes and you’ll have no excuses for not going. Remember, Google is your Friend!


2. Try different types of classes

Yoga styles vary infinitely. These range from quieter, more restorative classes (try Yin or Nidra), to more active, sweaty ones (you can try Power Yoga or Vinyasa Flow). Your local studio will definitely have a good combination of all those.

If you want to know more about the different yoga styles out there, you can read my post 7 popular yoga styles you could practice right now.


3. Do your research

Read blogs and watch videos on YouTube to get a rough idea, but DON’T do your very first session at home by yourself. First of all you’ll have no idea if you’re doing it right, and secondly there won’t be anyone to correct you. You want to imprint in your body the correct alignment from day 1, and you don’t want to risk injuring yourself!


4. Don’t be put off by more challenging poses

It’s perfectly normal if you can’t put your leg behind your head just yet. Or if you can’t balance on one leg. But you can get there, eventually, if it matters to you. Practice mindfully, and regularly, and all will come together. As Pattabhi Jois – the Father of Ashtanga Yoga – once said: “Practice, and all is coming”.


5. Don’t feel judged, and don’t judge yourself

Again, who cares if the girl in front of you is balancing perfectly and you don’t?

She is probably concentrating on not falling, so she won’t really care about what you’re doing and if you’re doing it right!

Do the same: FOCUS, and you’ll forget about the people around you. Yoga is an internal and personal practice, not a group sport!


6. Keep going

Before deciding if yoga is for you, try out a few different styles (read this post for more ideas), and go to the same class at least a couple of times. The first will be for you to understand what you’re doing, and in the second you’ll know what to expect. Only then you’ll be in a good position to decide.


7. Ask around

If you have a friend that is already a regular practitioner ask for her/his feedback and advice. Where does she/he go? What does she/he like? How does she/he feels after each practice?


8. Connect with a teacher

Out of all the classes you will try, when you start practicing yoga there will be teachers that you like more than others. It’s totally normal. So pick your favorite yoga teacher and ask them questions.

Don’t be shy: they always get the most random questions, and as “teachers” they are there right to “guide” you and help you out on your path.


9. Don’t feel awkward

Yes, chanting in a language you don’t understand at the beginning of a class might not feel right. And breathing heavily swelling your belly as much as you can might not be your daily routine (yet). It’s all part of your learning process! Do it a few times, and if it really does not feel comfortable, move on.

Remember, nobody sees or is watching you, and even if you sit still waiting for the next instructions, nobody will think any less of you!


10. Give yourself an excuse

Yes, in this case “good excuses” are allowed 🙂

Invest a small budget into something you like, for example a new pair of yoga pants or a colourful yoga mat (if you live in Dubai, you can check out this mat or this one).

That “little investment” will be your motivation to keep going, like “I spent this money, now I really need to get to my yoga class!” 🙂

This always work for me… what about you?

And if you’re already into yoga, how did you start practicing? How did you feel? Was there anything you didn’t you like? Let us know in the Comments here below!


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