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Why you don’t need to be flexible for yoga


Do you really need to be flexible for yoga?

How many times I’ve heard statements like these from friends:

“I can’t do yoga. I can’t even reach my toes!” 

“I’d like to try out yoga one day. But first I need to become stronger and more flexible. Give me some more time at the gym”.

But really, people are just … Continue reading

Essential oils: how to use them & why

Mr Fox essential oils Rescue KitPhoto Credit: Mr. Fox

“Chiara, what was that nice smell during Savasana…?”

That’s what a lot of students ask me at the end of my classes.

So I thought I’d dedicate this post to a little guide on how to use essential oils.

There are tons of benefits if you add them to your yoga practice. And even more if … Continue reading

An Easy Guide to the Meaning of Mantras

“I don’t like chanting during a yoga class!”

I used to say the same, till I learnt this…

what's the meaning of mantras?


A word or sound repeated to aid concentration in meditation.

A statement or slogan repeated frequently.

What is the meaning of mantras?

Until more recently, mantras were something kind of obscure to me. I wasn’t sure what they were for, and … Continue reading

Backpacking around Asia: 10 practical lessons I learnt last month

ferrying around the Thai islands

Ferrying around the Thai islands

As our ferry cruises towards our final Thai destination – Krabi, I think about what I’ve learnt from my first month of backpacking around Asia. I’m loving the Yogi Digital Nomad life, but if only I had known…!

There are a number of things that you’d better know before you set off for such … Continue reading

The complete packing list for the Travelling Yogi

The Travelling Yogi: the perfect Packing List

Are you a busy yogi that travels all the time?

Or maybe you’re planning the ultimate backpacking escape?

Unless you’re on a business trip, when you go travelling for more than your usual one-week vacation, you must think about what you’re putting in your luggage.

How many times will you have to put your bags on a plane, … Continue reading